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Your complete breathing guide with 20 exercises including The Wim Hof Method

20 breathing exercises including The Wim Hof Method

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Breathe better. Live better

An exercise for any body and mind

Sleep better and wake up easier

Exercises designed to let you quickly unwind at the end of a long day, and start fresh the next morning.

Improve concentration

Increase your oxygen levels with deep breathing and experience an instant boost of energy, awareness and focus.

Increase performance

Train as the Navy SEALs do with powerful exercises that help you relieve pain, cool down, recharge and get ready for your next challenge.

Alleviate stress and anxiety

Find ways to help you breathe at any given time, whether when feeling nervous, suffering from anxiety or fighting depression.

Intuitive animations

Instead of the standard circle that has a confusing animation, we designed a graph that informs you on when you need to inhale, exhale and hold your breath

Create your own exercise

Don’t like any of the exercises we created? Just create your own with our configurator. You can configure how long you want to inhale, hold, exhale and the duration of your exercise

More to come!

We’re not sitting still and we're constantly working on adding new features for you guys to enjoy. Here’s some stuff we’re currently working on


A profile to see your statistics and find all your previously created exercises and easily change your reminders


A special exercise program from the Breathing Coach! The Coach will remind you according to the plan


Set reminders for all your daily exercises and never forget to do them again!